What is online driving licence test for learning licence (llr quetions bank in english)?

online driving licence exam test or learning licence online test required ?

When we are applying for driving licence before than that we have to apply for online driving licence test. Basically online test is computerised driving licence test. In this exam basically quetions are related to traffic rules and signs . Here we are providing complete licence exam quetions bank we are providing . online licence exam clearence these licence quetion banks is very very useful. It will cover all rto licence test

which states are taking this online driving licence test exam ?

Basically many of the india states are now accepting online licence test . Still people are afraid because of computerised online test . they don't have experiance of online driving licence test.

Here i am metioning which RTO taking driving licence test online

India Country states online driving licence RTO List which are taking online licence test exam

Gujarat online Driving licecne exam rto list

basically only few district are taking online rto driving exam test . ahmedabad rto is a big megacity of gujarat rto department. So rto ahmedabad is taking online driving licence test more others rto gandhinagar which is capital of gujarat rto taking and in more rajkot rto and surat rto and in more vadodara rto , junagadh jamnagar rto and mehsana rto taking licence exam test online . AS per licencetest.in generally all cities og gujarat rto taking online driving licence exam test

Andhra pradesh aprto online Driving licecne exam rto list

aprto is a rto of andhrapradesh driving licence exam tests. ap rto is taking a online licence exams for driving in andhra pradesh.

Delhi rto list of online driving exams test

Basically people who areliving in delhi are generally using driving licence online exam test in english or hindi language. We are providing online driving licence quetions bank in hindi and english in both languages totally free. You don't need to pay for any of driving licence quetion banks

i guess licencetest.in provided online complete licence exam test quetions and answers bank of all india rto

List of rto taking online provisional learning driving licence exam test (LLR driving licence test)

these are the complete list of all india rto : mp rto, rto kerala, rto mumbai, rto ahmedabad , kerala rto , rta hyderabad , rto mp , rto karnataka , rto bangalore , rto pune , vehicle registration search , rto gujarat , ap rto rto ap vehicle registration number , rto office , rto online ,cg rto ,rpo , rto hyderabad , rto bhopal , rto vadodara rto surat , mumbai rto , pune rto ,rto registration ,karnataka rto ,rto maharashtra ,rto chennai ,rto delhi

Q21. The Enrolment Centre is within an Enrolment Station. Is this statement true or false?



Q22. What is the process of capturing resident data called?

A. Authentication

B. Enrolment

C. Identification

D. Presentation

Q23. Aadhaar number is a proof of '_blank_'.

A. Citizenship

B. Identity

C. Gender

Q24. Who will deliver Aadhaar letters to residents?

A. India Post

B. Public Distribution System

C. Internet

Q25. _blank_' are appointed by the Registrar for enrolling residents.

A. Authentication User Agency

B. Training Agency

C. Enrolment Agency

D. Hardware Agency

Q26. Which agency will directly interact with residents and enroll them?


B. Registrars

C. Enrolling Agencies

D. All of the above

Q27. Which section of eye has a unique feature?

A. Pupil

B. Eye Brow

C. Iris

D. None of the above

Q28. Which physical features can be used to determine a person's identity?

A. Fingerprints

B. Facial Image

C. Iris

D. All of the above

Q29. Which one is NOT demographic information?

A. Name

B. Age

C. Address

D. Fingerprint

Q30. What are possible benefits of having a unique identity?

A. To get a bank account

B. To own a house

C. To get subsidized food rations, in case of BPL

D. All of the above